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User groups and characteristics of the excavator industry

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(Summary description)Maybe you have been working in the excavator industry for many years or have been operating for many years,

User groups and characteristics of the excavator industry

(Summary description)Maybe you have been working in the excavator industry for many years or have been operating for many years,

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2019-11-23 10:53
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  Maybe you have been working in the excavator industry for many years or have been operating for many years,but you may not really understand the excavator industry.As a production tool in economic production activities,excavators play a very important role in the field of construction machinery.Then this article will show you the truth and let you really understand the excavator industry.
  According to the tracking research,excavators are mainly used in municipal(29%),mining(25%),infrastructure(21%),real estate(20%)and other industries.Let’s analyze the user groups and characteristics of each segment.
  1 User groups and characteristics---municipal
  Typical user group:municipal company.
  Typical application scenarios:gardening,greening,natural gas/cable wiring.
  Main models:Mainly excavators below 10 tons,with 5 tons and 6 tons being the most common,and are generally tailless(often appear in narrow lanes),and sometimes require rubber tracks.
  Timing of purchase:Spring is the peak period for new machine purchases,summer is a small peak for replacement of old machines,and winter basically stops.
  Trend:With the acceleration of aging,labor is becoming less and more expensive,and municipal excavation opportunities continue to grow,and front-end work equipment will be more diversified.
  Decision factors:stable quality and convenient service.
  2 User groups and characteristics---Mine
  Typical user group:mine owner and self-employed person who buys a car for a month.
  Typical application scenarios:stripping,digging,and loading of iron ore,coal mine,and stone ore.
  Main models:Mainly excavators with a capacity of more than 30 tons,which have high requirements for the quality of the structural parts of the excavator,especially buckets,walking frames and track chains.
  Timing of purchase:The seasonality is not strong,mainly depending on the price of mineral resources.Once the price of resources soars,there will be a large number of impulsive buyers into the hub.
  3 User groups and characteristics---Infrastructure
  Typical user group:Luqiao Company,Luqiao Company related households.
  Typical application scenarios:highway,railway,infrastructure.
  Main models:Mainly 20-29 ton excavator,switching between bucket and breaker operation.The machine has low working intensity and high cost performance requirements.
  Purchase timing:Buying from March to May is very sensitive to national macro policies,so purchases will not be considered in winter,and decisions will be made after the macro policy is adjusted in spring.
  4 User groups and characteristics---real estate
  Typical user group:floor contractor,hometown.
  Typical application scenarios:excavation of foundation pits(grooves)of high-rise buildings,corner projects in real estate construction.
  Main models:30 ton excavator earthmoving bucket for building trenches,usually 6-9 ton small excavation.
  Timing of purchase:The timing of purchase of trenches to see if there is any contract to live,the old folks usually buy in spring.
  5 User groups and characteristics---farmland water conservancy
  Typical user group:village director,Zhongshui Group.
  Typical application scenarios:dredging of irrigation ditches and construction of hydropower stations.
  Main models:6 to 15 tons of small excavations are usually used for farmland water conservancy,and 20 to 29 tons of medium excavations are usually used for hydropower stations.
  Timing of purchase:The construction of farmland is generally in winter and spring,when the crops have been harvested,making room for construction.The development of hydropower stations depends on the availability of construction funds and has no obvious time characteristics.
  6 User groups and characteristics---Steel
  Typical user group:steel mill.
  Typical application scenarios:ore transfer,slag cleaning.
  Main models:The former is based on 20-29 tons,and the latter is based on mini machines below 6 tons.
  Timing of purchase:When steel prices enter the rising channel.
  7 User groups and characteristics---Other
  Users in industries such as ports,forestry,electric power,and oil fields have not been in contact and do not know their groups and characteristics.
  The typical representative of the leasing industry is what we usually refer to as a“little hometown”.Their characteristics are strong aggregation,township culture,and small digging.

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